System Introduction

The WSYBCSU encourages agile-working which involves staff actively working across multiple sites. AT such sites, a number of desks have been allocated for WSYBCSU staff to use and subsequently a system was requested to effectively manage and measure daily staff use.

A web-based system was commissioned by the SWBCSU management team and the Web Development team of The Health Informatics Service developed a Hotdesking Management system which has been called Haddock.

Haddock provides functionality for registering system users, making and cancelling hotdesk bookings and also provides essential performance data around hotdesk occupancy rates.

Version 1 includes basic functionality and the plan is to develop Version 2 to include extended functionality.

Haddock Home Page

The main system page is referred to as the HomePage as shown below.
To access the Homepage a user should enter the following url within a compatible browser:

The system is classed as external-facing which basically translates to being accessible from within and outside the NHS network. This means you can access the system from home, from an internet-café and from your mobile device including iPads and smart-phones.
Clicking on the Haddock icon will always return the user back to the Haddock Homepage.

Section 2 image

At Broadlea House, a wall-mounted kiosk device is available enabling users to make bookings by touching the screen. Of course, for non-touch screen devices, the mouse should be used to make selections.

Site Links

The SWYBCSU currently operates from 7 main sites where a mixture of fixed-desks, hotdesks and touch-down areas can be utilised by SWYBCSU staff.

Each site can be accessed from the HomePage by selecting the appropriate site link - as shown below.

Users can click on the site name or alternatively the site photo.

On selection of a particular site, the relevant floor-plan will be displayed to facilitate desk-bookings.

As additional sites become available, Haddock will be developed accordingly to include a site photo and up-to-date room-layout illustrating available desks.

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Floor Plan Basics

For each site, Haddock has been customised to display the relevant floor-plan with an example floor-plan for Broad Lea House shown below:

Section 4 image

All available desks are shown including fixed-desks, hot-desks and touch-down areas.
The coloured dot on each desk identifies the allocated desk-type with the following key:


Desk Type
Amber DotFixed-desk
Green DotHotdesk
Blue DotTouch-down area

All desks are uniquely numbered to enable users to make desk bookings in specific areas or next to colleagues.
All desks are included within the right-hand table called "Occupancy" which displays the names of all users for both fixed-desks and hotdesk bookings. As users make or cancel bookings, this "Occupancy" table is updated in real-time.
The screen is refreshed in 10-second intervals to ensure all desk-bookings are accurately shown.

Booking a Hotdesk

To make a desk booking on the Haddock system, you first access the Haddock HomePage.

Once a site is selected and the relevant floor-plan is displayed, a user can make a desk booking.

Currently the system permits a desk booking for 3 periods of time:

Duration Time Period Desk-Key
Morning8am - 12pm-
Afternoon12pm - 5pm-
All Working Day8am - 5pm-

When a desk booking is made, the desk-key will be updated according to confirm the type of booking made.

Of course, it is not possible to book a hotdesk for the same period of time as a booking made by another user.

However, if a desk-booking is a partial booking (ie. morning only) a user is able to book the remaining period for the same hotdesk.

To make a desk-booking, simply select the specific hotdesk required and complete the dialogue box presented – as shown below.

Section 5 image

The first time a user attempts to book a hotdesk, the user should first "Register" on Haddock by completing the right-hand side of the screen. This involves entering some specific user data as shown below:

Data Item Function Useful Example
FullnameYour full name which is displayed within the Occupancy tableAndrew Cocking
Email addressYour work email address which will be used in the next version to confirm bookings and populate user’s
Contact phone numberYour work phone number – desk or mobile number to be used by the System Administrator incase of problems with your bookings.07977296364
A short usernameThis username will be used to identify our to the system for when you wish to make a future desk-booking.alc
A secret PINTo identify you to Haddock and to prevent your bookings from being cancelled by someone else999

Once this data is successfully entered the user should chose Register and Book for first-time use or Book Desk for subsequent use.

Cancelling a Hotdesk Booking

Hotdesk bookings can be cancelled at any time but only by the user who made the booking in the first place.

Simply select the booking and complete the presented dialogue box with your unique PIN.

On successful completion of your PIN followed by pressing the “Cancel Booking” key, your desk-booking will be subsequently cancelled and confirmed by a Confirmation mesaage.

To prevent unauthroised bookings, the correct PIN must be entered, otherwise haddock will refuse the cancellation.

Where the correct PIN cannot be entered because the user has forgotten their PIN, the user should inform the System Adminstrator of their issue.

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System Administration

Haddock contains a System Tools menu accessible by entering a unique password.
This menu provides various system administration functions including the following:

Section 7 image

Occupancy Rates

Glossary of Terms

Section 9 image

Future System Updates

During systems development a number of suggestions were received for additional functionality.

The table below provides a summary of requested functionality:

Section 10 image

The plan is provide this additional functionality within Version 2 and to be developed by the WYBCSU Systems Development team.

System Development Details

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